Shop service

We provide reliable support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Creating lifelong service of shop maintenance

TateyamaAdvance with its many years of experience in shop production, incorporating the accumulated know-how into the maintenance work, can quickly answer the needs of the customers with a chain of shops reaching across the country with reliable support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering emergency maintenance, periodical maintenance, shop renewals, and act as call center reception desk of maintenance work, not only keeping salesroom environment comfortable at all times but also supporting shops through their lifetime with our broad lineup of services, keeping maintenance overhead costs low by centralized head office of the chain.

Shop service
Management of emergencies and accidents / Building and repairs / repair management / Management of facilities and equipment / Cleanness management


*Emergency maintenance
*Periodical maintenance
*Shop renewals
*Acting as call center reception desk

Service menu

Repairs of glass cracks, doors, keys, and shutters
Repairs of walls, floors, and ceiling
Repairs of roofs and rainspouts
Cleaning of signboard face plates, lamp and bulb inspection and replacement
Outer wall repairs
Repairs of water leakages, jammed drainages, and other facilities
Chemical cleaning and inspection of air-conditioners
Electric leakage repairs, replacement of stabilizers
Repair work of interior and exterior of shops
Shop cleaning, etc.

Prompt system of coping with emergency situations, ranging from temporary measures to complete repair